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Goat's Milk Lotion

All Natural Goat's Milk Soap that Pampers Your Skin

Discover a new option for your personal bath soaps at The Grecian Soap Company. Our natural goat's milk soap begins with milk supplied from local farms and then is combined with other organic ingredients such as olive oil, herbal extracts, and supportive vitamins. You will never find sulfates or parabens in our products, only Mother Nature's finest resources for a soft lather that washes away toxins and pollution from your skin. Luxuriate in scents like lemongrass, plumeria, sandalwood, and black raspberry vanilla.

Discover the Goat's Milk Lotion Scented to Sate Your Senses

After your bath, ensure that your skin is protected by applying our goat's milk lotion. We start with organic aloe leaf juice that supports healing while giving your skin a protective layer against smog, dirt, and smoke. Take your pick of full-size bottles perfect for sitting on your vanity or grab a 2 oz. tube perfect for your pocketbook. Wrap your senses in scents such as cranberry pomegranate, coco-mango, or Egyptian musk.

Packed with Ingredients that Support Healthy Skin

We never opt for the bulk products many soap companies use to fill up their bottles and bars. Our first commitment is to offer a healthy and eco-conscious option for supporting your skin and body. Look for ingredients like goat's milk, olive oil, brown sugar, almond oil, and real vanilla. You will never have to run to a dictionary to determine what is inside each of our jars, tubs, and tubes.

Scroll through our online shop and fill up your cart with soaps and lotions ready to pamper your body and soul. The Grecian Soap Company offers free shipping on orders over $60 across the lower 48 states.

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