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Handmade Body scrubs & Butters
with 100% all natural ingredients

Our new emulsified 8 oz. Sea Salt and Sugar body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate and moisturize while leaving your skin feeling refreshed and renewed. No mixing required! Experience 'Nature's Original Happy Hour' with our happy hour themed body scrubs, Espresso Martini, Amaretto, Pink Paloma and Lavender Lemon Drop. *All of our scrubs come with a bamboo spoon.

The path to youthful, revitalized skin lies in the realm of exfoliating body scrubs and succulent body butters. These enchanted elixirs work wonders in rejuvenating your skin and restoring its natural glow. The benefits of using these body scrubs and butters regularly are many.

Firstly, body scrubs help to banish the remnants of dead skin cells from your surface, cleansing and unclogging pores. This helps prevent breakouts, leaving your skin smooth and even in texture. With dead skin cells removed, your skin is better able to absorb moisturizers, like our Avocado Body Butters, optimizing their effectiveness.

Secondly, the enchanting motion of exfoliating body scrubs helps to boost blood flow, improving circulation and reducing inflammation and swelling.

Finally, body scrubs and butters can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as they encourage growth of new skin cells, which give your skin a youthful radiance.

Thus, exfoliating body scrubs are an excellent way to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and vibrant. However, it is essential to choose a scrub that suits your skin type and use it gently to avoid any harm to your delicate skin.

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