Natural Facial Sponges

Natural Facial Sponges and Our Organic Soaps Combine for the Win

The natural facial sponges offered by The Grecian Soap Company are harvested straight out of the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico or the Bahamas. These sponges resist the build up of bacteria, keeping them soft and sweet smelling with just some simple TLC. Unlike the manufactured sponges found in the store, there is nothing added to our sponges like color or scents. Use them every day and set on the counter to dry. Our sponge farmers use sustainable practices, so there will be more available for the next generation.

Soap and Sponge Gift Sets Offer an Attractive Option in One Cute Package

You love the idea of our natural sponges! Give one to all your friends and include their favorite scents with our soap and sponge gift sets. Take your pick of our silky goat's milk or natural olive oil bars. All of our soaps lather up thick with subtle scents that come from your garden and kitchen pantry. They will think of you with love every time they sink into a spa-like experience highlighted by our lovely scents and products.

Crafted Out of the Finest Oils, Goat's Milk, and Organic Ingredients

No matter what product from The Grecian Soap Company you drop in your cart, you will never find parabens or sulfates on the ingredients list. We start with real goat's milk provided by local farmers and then source organic additions like olive oil, almond oil, aloe, and herbal extracts. We never test on animals and do our best to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. You get the best possible bath experience while truly supporting the health of your skin.

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