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Bath and Body Butters

Bath and Body Butters for a Luxurious Finish

When you have soaked, scrubbed, and dried off, what else do you have in your skin care arsenal? At the Grecian Soap Company, we have created natural bath and body butters ready to be massaged into your skin and provide ongoing care for your body after the tub is drained. Our rich body butters begins with avocado oil, then we add in allantoin, rice bran, and a blend of herbal extracts that continue to exfoliate and moisturize supported by aromas that encourage you to breathe deep. Feel a real difference after an hour, an afternoon, and even an entire day.

Natural Ingredients that Support Skin Health

We never cheap out and fill our jars with harmful chemicals. We only add the most natural ingredients needed to soften, buff, and support your skin. Whether you are looking at our goats milk soap, silky goat milk lotions, or soft sponges, we leave the real work to the miracle of Mother Nature. We work with local farmers for as many ingredients as possible and never test anything on animals. You will shop with confidence knowing you are supporting a small business and a greener planet.

A Soap Bar Wholesaler to Help Build Up Your Gift Shop

We offer soap wholesale, too, for qualified small businesses. Would you like to add a shop-in-shop to your gift shop or small town pharmacy? We are a soap bar wholesaler offering great discounts for bulk purchases and are eager to support you in growing your customer base. We carry the Leaping Bunny certification and use only natural or even organic ingredients wherever possible.

Discover a whole new world of bath and body care at The Grecian Soap Company. Scroll throughout the site, fill up your virtual shopping cart, and check out on our secure server. Shipping is included for orders over $60 delivered within the continental U.S.A.

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